Fast payout casino review

When it comes to the best online casinos for real money, the UK is one of the biggest gaming markets around the world. If you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, there are hundreds of great sites to choose from. You can play at the online versions of the big branded gambling establishments you see on the high street, or at one of the online casino brands offering exciting games for UK players.

For mobile casino players, leading UK sites offer exclusive apps that can be downloaded for free. You can play from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you like. Enjoy playing some of the best casino games for UK players by playing blackjack, poker, video poker, roulette, baccarat, keno or bingo on the go.

How to play at the best online casinos

best-online-casino-gamblingPlaying at online casinos is easy. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be enjoying the game in no time.

  • Choose a casino

Choose one of the top recommended casinos for UK players.

  • Register at the casino

Registering at the casino site is very easy. First, you will be asked to fill in a quick form with your personal details. This process only takes a couple of minutes.

  • Make a deposit and get welcome bonuses

All the best sites offer new players a nice welcome bonus, which you can usually get after you make a deposit.

  • Start playing your favourite games

You’re ready to play, so have fun and win big!

What is a player’s RTP return?

The payout percentage is also called the RTP – the player return-to-payout ratio. It is the ratio of the sum of the players’ bets to the casino’s payout. Some online casino sites want you to believe that if the RTP is 96%, then if you wager £100, the payout will be £96. This is simply not true.

How is the payout ratio/RTP calculated?

RTP is calculated for a large number of bets and a large number of players. RTP cannot be applied to a single player. Some players will get nothing, while others will hit a huge jackpot. The casino with the highest payouts is the casino that has consistently high payouts in the games it offers.

Key terms about casino payouts

  • Theoretical RTP – the RTP that was put into the game by the developers.
  • Actual RTP – RTP that was achieved during the observed period or during the observed number of games.

What affects the payout percentage at a casino?

The casino sites with the best payouts are usually generous with bonuses, especially no deposit bonuses, which can increase your payout percentage. In order for them to boost payouts, it is important that no wagering rules apply or that the maximum bonus amount is high. This means that players who haven’t actually paid anything for bets can get payouts that are disproportionately higher than the deposit they made. This also applies to deposit bonuses, which allow you to play longer and make a profit with smaller deposits and betting amounts.

Match bonuses and free spins also depend on payout odds, but wagering conditions are a more important factor in determining whether or not you should choose a particular casino. New players should familiarise themselves with the bonus terms and conditions and prioritise their casino payouts.

Some online casino sites offer good wagering conditions, which, in fact, increases the chances of a payout when you use the bonus more than a few percentage points difference in payouts. Bonus funds carry a lot of potential with good wagering requirements.

Casino promotions with high payout ratios

Payout ratio is rarely a key selling point for casinos – they rely on bonuses and free spins. With this in mind, an online casino will not try to reduce the value of their offerings because of a high payout ratio. Typical terms and conditions are still important to consider – wagering terms, bonus percentage, free spins and the type of games included in the promotion. Be sure to check out the welcome bonus offers.

Quick payout casino bonuses in the UK

BonusThere is a huge difference between simple online casinos and fast payout casino sites. Fast payout casinos are some of the top rated casinos around the world. Even these casinos offer a huge variety of gambling games and bonuses.

When you come to a fast withdrawal casino, you will be welcomed with a fantastic welcome bonus offer. As part of the welcome bonus, you can get some free spins as well as real money. There are many other features available at instant withdrawal casinos, such as VIP programs, jackpots and ongoing promotions. For more information, check out the casino’s bonuses and promotions guide.

Faster payouts in loyalty and VIP programmes

The opportunity to benefit from faster withdrawals is a tempting one for many players. For instance, some of those who play online scratch cards for real money prefer to use their comp points and mostly play for free. That’s why many online casinos take the opportunity to modify their VIP programs so that customers can play more and at the same time benefit from various extra features. When a given player becomes a VIP member, the online casino offers faster withdrawals. In addition, you can sometimes choose a more convenient payment system, be it debit cards or e-wallets, depending on your current situation.

This means that in most cases, the operator will shorten the waiting period and not make the VIP player wait too long before they can withdraw their winnings. This is quite tempting and many customers try to become a VIP or reach a certain level from the VIP program that allows them to use faster withdrawals. For example, if you’ve had the opportunity to get some bonus spins, you’ll want to withdraw your winnings from them quickly.

However, as you may know, sometimes VIP operators’ programs are scrutinized by official institutions in order to verify their legitimacy. For one reason or another, sometimes these VIP programs are banned. Then you may find yourself in a confusing situation if you are already a VIP and you can’t get the benefit of a faster withdrawal from VIP status. Then you should contact online casino customer support and ask if there’s another way to use faster payout procedures.

Some casinos may have already come up with a solution to offer faster payouts to those players who have already given them loyalty. You might be prompted to switch from debit cards to e-wallets when you decide to request a withdrawal. Online slots with phone bill payouts are also quite popular when it comes to choosing a quick payout method, so keep that in mind if you find a slot operator with this mobile financial service.

Payout limits and fees

Before you choose any of the options, you should take a brief look at their history and quality of service. Each payment method has a deposit limit, but you can withdraw unlimitedly. Neteller and PayPal, for example, have a deposit limit of £10 to £10,000.

There is a possibility that some casinos or payment methods may apply service charges on payments. Don’t worry, the fees are minimal and everyone can afford them. The fees vary from country to country. If your operator charges unusual fees, then you should switch to our recommended quick payout casinos.

What is house edge?

House edge is simply the inverse of the payout ratio formula: of all the money coming in from players, how much the casino keeps for itself. The best paying online casinos are businesses, and they are expected to pay their staff, maintain their systems, have offices and pay out profits. This is what the payout ratio is used for. The greater the advantage of the establishment, the more the casino keeps for its own operations

Why play at the online casinos with the best payouts?

The payouts that players perceive when playing individual games can be wrong because they don’t match the official figures. This is normal, so it should be expected that all players in the UK should look for the UK online casinos with the best payouts and verified RTP. Why – because they want the best chance of winning.

However, the RTP should not be the main factor in deciding where to play. Other factors such as bonuses, interface, customer support and game offerings increase the odds each individual player faces when playing at a casino.

Casino games with the highest payouts

best-casino-payoutsNot all online casino games offer the same payout. The casino games with the highest payouts are traditionally table games. At the same time, these are not the most popular online casino games. It is necessary to consider which casino games pay out the most at online casinos.

  • Slots – from 85%, closer to 96%

The newest slots offer several types of games. Some prefer high-frequency slots with low payouts, while others prefer low-frequency games with high payouts. Check out the UK’s top paying slots guide to see how much popular games pay out on average. Note: Slots with progressive jackpots have lower RTPs.

  • Poker – different types, from 96% RTP

Different types of poker offer different payout ratios, but they are generally higher than the RTP of slot machines and usually depend on the rake the casino takes as a venue fee, so they are very transparent. Texas Hold’em poker usually has the highest RTP at 97.99%, followed by three card poker with a similar RTP. House edge in Carribean stud poker reaches 97.42%, followed by Pai Gow at 97.15%.

  • Roulette – 97.3% RTP

Roulette is another table game with a high RTP and is featured in all online casinos with the best payouts. The American and European versions have a similar advantage. Other types, such as electronic roulette, may offer better payouts. European gold roulette is another type of roulette with favourable conditions.

  • Craps – 98.6% RTP

Craps games have a high house edge variation, but this varies from bet to bet. A special feature of Craps is that the payout also depends on the amount of money wagered. Use multipliers to increase your payouts, but be prepared to bet a lot of money.

  • Baccarat – 98.91% RTP

Baccarat is a game with high stakes and high payouts. Be sure to learn how to read the numbers and assess your odds so that you can correctly assess the returns and not bet too much or too little. Classic baccarat offers the best odds, followed by Playtech Baccarat (a special game developed by PlayTech), Professional Series baccarat and Punto Banco baccarat.

  • Blackjack – 99% RTP

Blackjack is an online casino game with the best payouts. A table game that uses strategies that include good odds for players.

  • Video poker – 99.54%

Video poker, after slots, is probably the most popular slot machine in the world – and it includes the lowest house edge of any casino game.

How to find a casino with fast withdrawal times

  • Before you sign up for any platform or choose one of the payment methods, always keep in mind that withdrawal times are different for each payment service and brand. On some platforms your payment will be withdrawn within 2-3 days, but on some online casinos you will have to wait at least a week for a successful withdrawal. For fast withdrawals, you need to choose a casino with fast withdrawals in the UK, as well as a fast payment method.
  • Another main thing to always keep in mind is to research the online casino’s website. Most of the information about the operator is listed on the official website. You should research the whole platform and familiarise yourself with T&C.
  • Checking the detailed information about the operator is not enough. You should also check the processing speed. It is also advisable to contact the management team to check the response time.
  • As mentioned above, you should check the safety of the operator before registering with it. It is risky to play at a fast withdrawal casino that is not licensed. Before you become part of any gambling site, you should check its license as well as certifications. Remember! The license and certificates must be issued by the responsible authorities.
  • Customer support. Talking to a person when a problem arises is reassuring, so players should look for fast payout casino sites that offer unparalleled customer support available 24/7.

Quick withdrawals from casinos on mobile devices

Casino gambling using a smartphone is very popular today. A large percentage of gamblers choose smartphones over PCs for online gambling. All the best casinos with fast payouts are mobile device friendly. If you haven’t played casinos on mobile devices before, you may be wondering about the withdrawal procedure on a smartphone. Well, the smartphone withdrawal procedure is similar to the desktop version. The only difference is the screen size.

Quick Withdrawal of Live Casino Funds

The beauty of a live online casino is that it replicates the sights and sounds of a real land-based casino, be it poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat or even game shows.

With fast withdrawal methods, this exciting experience gets even better. Most live casinos accept e-wallet payment methods, just like their regular casino counterparts, making deposits and withdrawals as quick as possible. All this means that the fun of playing with a live croupier is now complemented by the speed with which you can deposit and withdraw your money.

Payment process


  1. Submit your withdrawal request
    The first step is very simple, but it must be done accurately, otherwise it may result in delayed transactions. First choose the best method of payment. Once you have decided on the method, enter the amount you want to withdraw. At the end, simply confirm the request.
  2. Casino processing the request
    Once the withdrawal request is confirmed, the request is sent to the operator for confirmation. It is now entirely up to the operator to determine how many days the withdrawal request will be approved. If you use the best casinos with fast payouts, you will receive an immediate response.
  3. Processing of payment methods
    After receiving confirmation from the operator, it is the turn of the method. The service carefully verifies the application, which can take 2 to 3 days. This stage may be quicker, but it depends on the method you choose.
  4. Account Verification (KYC)
    Once the service has verified your application, they will ask you to prove your account is genuine. They may ask for a scan of a government-issued ID, a recent utility bill or a bank statement to prove your identity. You should therefore have these documents at your fingertips.
  5. Get your winnings
    After completing these steps, all you have to do is wait for your payout. If all goes well, you will see the amount requested on your payment order. In case you missed something, the company may ask you to resend the request.

Most of the time, customer requests for payment are handled without any problems. However, if there are problems, the certified companies will help customers resolve them. If your request does not go through or has been rejected, you should contact customer service for more information.

The best payment methods – which option to choose for a quick withdrawal?

Most UK remote gambling establishments generally accept a wide range of payment methods. If these casinos have obtained the necessary licences, the confidentiality of your transactions is guaranteed. Nevertheless, some payment systems are preferred over others, mainly because of the ability to withdraw funds quickly. For instance, online casinos that accept PayPal are preferred by players around the world. Below are the main payment methods for fast payouts in casinos:

  • PayPal – PayPal is arguably one of the most well-known providers of online payment services. Having been in the business for over 20 years, PayPal is a world leader in speed, privacy and security.
  • Neteller – Neteller is a so-called electronic money transfer service and has been active in the online gambling industry since 2000.
  • Skrill – Skrill’s core business is low-cost online payments and funds transfers. The company offers its services internationally and is among the most commonly used online banking options for UK players.
  • Bitcoin – As many of you know, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment. It’s a great way to make deposits at online casinos due to complete security and anonymity.

It is recommended that you use these payment methods, as this guarantees you the highest level of security and the fastest withdrawals from the casinos with the fastest payouts. Keep in mind, however, that some payment methods are not eligible for bonuses, so take a moment to read the specific terms and conditions of each offer.

Which casino payment methods should I avoid?

Some of the payment systems are delayed withdrawals. These are the banking options that are best avoided unless absolutely necessary. Take a look at the list below, where you’ll find the slowest payment methods for withdrawing money from online casinos.

  • Debit card

Debit cards also allow players to make instant deposits, but withdrawal times are usually around 5 working days. Therefore, if the ability to withdraw quickly is a key factor, it is advisable to stay away from them.

  • Wire transfer

Bank transfer is one of the oldest and slowest methods of transferring money to and from an online casino. In some cases, withdrawals can take longer than one business week to complete.

So if you want to take advantage of the fastest withdrawal times, you should consider using the best payment systems recommended above. Another great option is to contact support, as they will be able to advise you on the most appropriate banking options.

Advantages of casinos with fast payouts

Playing at online casinos is becoming a fashionable trend today. Everyone is looking for casinos with fast payouts as they have a lot of advantages. Even fast payout casinos have a completely different design compared to the old and regular casinos. Here are some of the most common benefits of instant payout casino sites:

  • Immediate withdrawal requests with no risk of delay.
  • A combination of the latest games and high-quality graphics.
  • The user can invest in other casinos, receiving quick withdrawals.
  • 0% risk of fraud, so you can safely bet.
  • The customer service of such casinos is much more responsive.

All fast-paying gambling games are designed using the latest technology. This technology provides you with fantastic graphics that help you stay engaged in the game. Stop betting at regular casinos and switch to the latest to improve your gambling experience.


Why play at online casinos with fast payouts?
How useful are welcome bonuses when playing for money?
Can I trust all fast payout casinos?
How do I deposit?
Can I play for free if I choose a quick payout game?
Can I play different games with the same account?
Which is the best game to play at an online casino to win money?


Most players like to share their gaming experiences, some create blogs where they talk about all the pros, cons and overall impressions, while others simply share their opinions in the form of reviews and comments. The easiest but the most effective way is by far the reviews, as they immediately let you know whether the game is worth the time and money or not. That’s why every self-respecting player can’t pass by the reviews, he’s willing to share his impressions, thus helping other people. Why don’t you become a part of them and start not only enjoying the games, but also share your opinions with others, thus giving them support and help?


First of all, the money you win belongs to you, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to use it as soon as possible. Whether you choose one of the best e-wallets or other systems, being able to collect your money quickly is important.
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Why play at online casinos with fast payouts?
Fast payouts have a number of advantages over other casinos, these include: immediate withdrawal requests with no risk of delay; a combination of the latest games and high quality graphics; and customer service for such casinos is much more responsive.
How useful are welcome bonuses when playing for money?
The welcome bonuses allow each player to receive extra benefits and the possibility of earning more.
Can I trust all fast payout casinos?
Yes, if the casinos are checked for fair, random play and are licensed by a recognized gambling industry body. If they have an excellent reputation among players: they pay out money quickly and honour their commitments, both for bonuses and any problems they encounter. A casino with these parameters can be trusted!
How do I deposit?
Choose a casino
Register at the casino
Deposit by choosing your preferred payment option and receive welcome bonuses
Can I play for free if I choose a quick payout game?
Yes. You can enjoy a huge variety of British Casino games without spending a penny, including hundreds of slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarat. Practice and enjoy the free games, learn the rules and, once you feel comfortable, make your first deposit for real money.
Can I play different games with the same account?
Sure you can! Each casino offers different games that can be played with the same account. The rules of all reputable casinos do not allow multi-accounting!
Which is the best game to play at an online casino to win money?
As a general rule, blackjack is the online casino game that offers the best payout, although the exact bet depends on the number of decks used. Most casino games have variations - the double zero on the American roulette wheel, for example, is well known.